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[ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>> she loves people. she wants to make the world a better place. >> tonight, the family of a pregnant woman who has been missing talks about the search for their daughter. in the meantime, police want to talk to the woman's husband. he is fighting in afghanistan. >>> good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. she has everything to live for. that's what makes the disappearance of a young mother so concerning. police say she truly disappeared without a trace. craig melvin is live in fredericksburg where he spoke with the woman's family. >> reporter: doreen, bethany's mother lives here and at one point, she looked scaquare into the camera and pleaded for her daughter to come home. police told me they are very anxious to talk to decker's husband face to face. he, as you mentioned, is currently deployed to afghanistan. kim has not seep or heard from her daughter, bethany decker, since january 29th. neit
housing for a number of low-income people. quite a few of whom are physically handicapped and use wheelchairs. >> with the handicapped people they couldn't go down themselves. i told everybody to go back into their apartments. i mean because the smoke was too thick out in the hallway. >> some residents complain that a door to the third floor stairwell, had been jammed for over a week, and hindered their ability to escape the building. >> no firefighters indicated there were any kind of problems like that. certainly look at. i don't know specifically what you're talking about, but i did hear them telling you that. >> reporter: the building's management was able to open a community room to keep displaced residents warm. some were housed in vacant apartments. two families were helped by the red cross to find temporary shelt shelter. two people were injured and taken to the hospital. their injuries are described as nonlife threatening. the cause of the fire is under investigation. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks, jackie. >>> an update now to an awful story we covered last n
clearing us out. we are going to start to see clearing skies tonight. and winds have been picking up, gusting now between 20 and 30 miles an hour across the area. currently we sit at 45 degrees with winds out of the north at 16. gusts to 21. that gives us a windchill. right now windchills are in the 20s and 30s. you may be surprised at what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning after such a warm day today. tonight go away. i'll be back with details. >> thank you, doug. >>> the search for the man they're calling the east coast rapist has gone digital. the fbi and local police are putting up digital billboards along interstates up and down the east coast. one man has been linked to at least 17 attacks on women in four different states over the past 14 years. those assaults have been linked by dna, but police don't know to whom the dna belongs. >>> a plane might crash on a busy interstate. that was the call that went out to local firefighters this morning after a plane leaving national airport hit a bird. >> a plane crash going southbound on 295. >> continental airlines flight 1559 left re
the mayor and council chair called for an investigation. darcey spencer joining us with what the mayor is saying about all of this. >> reporter: solomon brown says he received cash payments totaling thousands and was promised a job in the gray administration if he continued his attacks on his rival. mayor adrian fenty. former mayoral canned daut suleman brown is making shocking allegations that he was promised a job in mayor vincent gray's administration for continuing attack on mayor fenty during the democratic primary, and that he was paid to help bring fenty down. >> i don't know of any cash payments that would have been made. i would find that reprehensible. >> reporter: at a news conference sunday, gray denied the allegations and called for an investigation by his attorney general. he says there was no quid pro quo. >> and i did promise him an interview. and he was given an interview. he was aggressive and he kept calling many people, but that was the extent of it as far as i know. >> reporter: in a front-page story "the washington post" details various cell phone calls and text m
. >>> we're following a developing story in cuba tonight where a u.s. government contractor accused of spying was found guilty this evening. 61-year-old alan gross is from potomac maryland. he's been jailed in havana since 2009. his family say he was working for a contractor distributing communications equipment when he was arrested. they maintain he's not a spy. >>> d.c. police do not think that any of the three overnight murders are connected. the homicides all happened within hours of each other in southeast. the first shooting happened just before midnight in the 3000 block of nelson place southeast. selena night was stabbed to death there. vanessa mcgee was shot in the 4700 block of b street. about three minutes later, hearnry kelly was shot to death. police did arrest a suspect in mcgee's death. at this point it appears to have been a domestic dispute. >>> police have detained a man they say hit everyone killed a man with his truck last night and kept driving. derek harvey was trying to cross pennsylvania avenue when he was hit by a pickup truck. he died from his injuries. an
joins us now with more. >> reporter: we've learned the suspect went to high school in prince george's county, lichbd prince william county for six years. worked for a trucking company in rhode island and currently lives in new haven, connecticut. his life history is a map of the locations where the rapes occurred. prince william county detectives had their fingers crossed hoping a name they had just provided to police in new haven, connecticut would turn up a lead in one of the nation's largest man hunts, the search for the east coast rapist. they got even more than they expected. >> through some investigative information and an anonymous tip that came together recently we were able to be taken warrants for a suspect in connecticut. and today the u.s. marshall service apprehended him. >> reporter: policing picked up a cigarette that was tossed into the street. the dna from the signature vet a match from an investigation that involves on assault from 17 known and suspected victims. the first assault occurred in 1997 in forestville, maryland. the most recent was the gunpoint assault o
on duty. craig melvin joins us from the fourth district police headquarters where it's been a troubling few days. craig? >> reporter: doreen, four d.c. cop cops arrested in four days. today as you mentioned all of the officers charged with attempting to receive stolen goods. dispute the recent arrests, though, today the police chief insisted there is no culture of corruption. federal aegtgents arrested them tuesday afternoon. they used undercover officers and informants for two months. police chief kathy lanier say the officers all bought electronics they knew had been stolen. lanier says they committed the crimes while on dupue day duty. >> these officers have not only taken advantage their position but have tarnished the police. >> reporter: another blemish, jennifer green's arrest. the officer sat in a car while a confidential informant attempted to break into this apartment. green said she could use the money. chief lanier says she heard from constituents after that arrest. >> the comments from the public have been very supportive that they realized that there's individuals that are
to reach her. >> bethany, if you're out there, please give us a call. we love you and we'd love to hear from you. >> decker disappeared a week before her husband deployed to afghanistan. police talked with him by phone today. they said he was cooperative and concerned about the well-being of his wife. >>> president obama said he's outraged over the deadly shootings of two usairmen at an airport in germany. it happened at the airport in frankfurt when somebody opened fire on a military bus. two other u.s. airmen were injured. the suspected gunman was taken into custody. he's from kosovo. family members described him as a devout muslim. obama promised the u.s. will make sure justice is served. >>> a bill that will keep the federal government running for two weeks. they approved the measure in the senate this morning. it includes $4 billion in spending cuts, averts a shutdown on friday when the current funding runs out for the government. vice president joe biden is expected to mediate further budget discussions between democrats and republicans possibly as early as tomorrow. >>> ohio is a
? >> reporter: jim, good evening. certainly is unusual. in fact, u.s. park police says in the past couple of years, this is the first serious attack here on the national mall. still with springtime here and more foot traffic in the area, some tourists are now shocked. >> it makes me think twice, absolutely. if you notice, i'm already looking around. >> reporter: during the cherry blossom season with thousands of tourists on the national mall, many we talked to were surprised to learn that a man was attacked here in broad daylight. u.s. park police say it happened around 5:15 monday evening when the victim was followed into this walkway between the museum and the smith sosonian castle. two young men wearing ski masks approached from behind then pushed the man believed to be in his 50s to the ground. >> he sustained minor injuries to his face and also to his leg. at that point they rifled through his pockets. and when they didn't find anything to take from him, they fled the scene. >> reporter: authorities immediately responded by launching a helicopter and dispersing units throughout the a
. officers launched a sting operation to make the arrest. craig melvin joins us live with the new developments. craig? >> reporter: doreen, officer jennifer green was based here at fourth district. this evening she stood shackled in a courtroom charged with receiving stolen goods. as you mentioned, using an undercover sting operation. d.c. officials got her for what she thought was a burglary. 28-year-old jennifer green pictured here in uniform on her facebook page has been a d.c. police officer for five years. she was arrested saturday. monday she pled not guilty to receiving stolen goods. officials say the cop accepted money she thought was taken during a burglary carrying out while she sat in a car. according to court documents, she met a confidential informant here at union station around 7:30 friday evening. then the two drove here to the lounge, a strip club on georgia avenue northwest. here the informant who has a pending charge for assault with a deadly weapon told green his cousin's apartment was empty and filled with money and crack cocaine. green said she, quote, could
ballistics to determine if the shootings are connected. jay i can benson joins us live with more on this. jackie? >> reporter: wendy, it is extremely unusual for there to be two murders in olney in a year's time, much less in the space of a few days. as extra police officers patrol the streets, people in olney are on edge. crime scene tape marks the house where 82-year-old ahmed found dead last friday. his death was ruled a homicide after the state medical examiner determined he'd been shot. mr. ahmed worshipped at the muslim center in silver spring. he was last seen alive there on wednesday, march 16th. two days later, a concerned mosque goer went to his home and found him. when another murder happened in olney a few days later, less than two miles away, detectives had to wonder. was the shooting of a 41-year-old immigrant related? police confirm they're comparing bullets of two scenes. >> the detectives are trying to determine if there was any relationship between these two individuals who on the surface would appear not to have a relationship. >> reporter: when he was shot at broad da
. we have team coverage tonight. darcy spencer is out with the road crews for us. we begin with kim martucci in the storm cen sister. >> good evening, aaron. we're keeping an eye on the snow. interesting to note, the temperatures are still pretty mild this saturday evening. we have temperatures around 41 in game. you might be wondering how can it snow if it's that warm. on top of us is really dry air. the dewpoints are down around 20 to our teens in the north. the dry air will cool as the moisture from the west moves into it. we will get our temperatures down to the freezing mark. because of that, we have this winter weather advisory in effect. it doesn't include d.c., but is to our southern suburbs. coming up, how much we get inside the beltway, and who stands to see the most snow from this minor event that is copping at us tonight. >> thank you. >> the salt and snow plows are ready right now. and road crews have a long night ahead of them. darcy spencer is live in alexandria this evening with more on that. >> reporter: just when we hoped winter was over, it seemed to be making a c
's when i fired my first shot. >> reporter: the officers wish it hadn't come to the need to use deadly force against carlos espinoza arcia. >> i didn't know what was going through his head, knowing that there was nowhere for him to go. why didn't he just drop the gun and give up? >> i don't really have a problem with what i had to do. it's unfortunate that something like that had to happen. you know, it's part of the job. >> reporter: their boss agrees. >> you plan for these things. you train for these things. and in this case, everyone did their role. everyone remained cool and calm. >> reporter: just this week, a grand jury cleared the officers of any wrongdoing in this shooting. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks. >>> a 2-year-old child is in critical condition right now, but she is alive after falling from a seventh story window. it happened this evening at an apartment building in the 800 block. the child was flown to children's hospital. based on the location where police put up tape, it is possible either a bush or an awning broke the child's fall. >>> what do you do? >>
towards ohio kwoo bring us shower activity. and with temperatures right now falling to the lower 40s, some areas will wake up to the upper 0s. i'll show you what that could mean coming up in my full forecast. >> thanks, doug. >>> changes have been ordered at reagan national airport after two planes landed while the air traffic controller in charge was apparently sleeping in the tower. the national transportation safety board says the incident happened last night around midnight. it says the pilots of the two planes were unable to reach the tower so they could get clearance to land. another aviation official tells the associated press there was just one controller on duty, and he had fallen asleep. news 4's reporter john shriffen was on one of the flights. first, what one of the approaching pilots was told in the cockpit. >> just so you're aware, we've had one aircraft go into dca, the tower is apparently unmanned. called on the phones and nobody's answering. so the aircraft went in uncontrolled. >> the pilot gets over the loudspeaker and says, "sorry, folks, we can't land right now. i can'
, a mother shows us how she dove across the front seat to stop a thief while her 7-month-old child was in the back. ijts a teenager in virginia faces jail time for posting pictures and lewd comments about classmates online. >>> and a kayaker, a close encounter with a huge shark. we'll tell you why he wasn't afraid. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> doreen is off tonight. i'm wendy rieger. we begin with chilling new details about that murder in bethesda. the details unveiled in court today, they paint a new picture of the woman charged with murder and the care she's alleged to have taken to disguise that crime. jackie bensen is live outside the courthouse in rockville. jacks? >> reporter: wendy, the alleged motive for this murder seems so senseless. how did 28-year-old britney norwood, a former high school and college soccer player, come to be charged in a horrific murder? the motive may have been the theft of her employer's pricey yogawear, a theft allegedly discovered by her coworker, 30-year-old jayna murray. >> she called to report what she thought had been a theft. beyond that i'
's a happy head coach. >> this is obviously a whole different universe. and for us to win five games and make the final four, again, i think it says everything about those three guys that were just up here and their 11 teammates. we went through some adversity this year, as most teams do. we weren't 37-2 coming into this game. but we're playing our best basketball when it matters most. and that's why i'm sitting up here right now with a net around my neck. >> oh, yeah. enjoying the win against kansas. i love saying that. number one kansas is out. >> out of it. >> the final four is set. connecticut against kentucky, vcu against butler. bulldogs and rams play saturday in houston. tip-off set for just after 6:00. >> who are we going to play in the final? who do you think? >> my pick would be connecticut. >> okay. >> that's who i see. but hey, i could be wrong. >> all right, we'll check back with you. >>> vcu's historic win is resonating across college basketball and the commonwealth of virginia. take a look. in richmond, students packed the rams' home arena to watch the game and erupted into che
want to use an opportunity like this to remind our student body to exercise great caution, respect for other drivers on the road, responsibility behind the wheel of a car. >> reporter: several other students were inside the car with caan. they walked away unharmed. his high school principal says he is expected to make a full recovery, but it will be a long road ahead. reporting live from sterling, darcy spencer, news4. back to you, wendy. >> all right, thank you, darcy. >>> despite plans by nato to step up their operations the u.s. will still have a lead role in the military operation in libya. tonight, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton announced that nato will soon take over enforcement of the no-fly zone. but attacks on ground targets will be led by the u.s. congress is pressuring the obama administration to reveal more about the costs and the goals of the american presence in libya. the operation has already saved lives and it has neutralized libya's air force and that the international community will have to stay vigilant as long as moammar gadhafi is still in power. >>
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able to identify barton, garner and starks. and we searched for them, and mpdc helped us locate them. >>> his mother planned on attending the trial of the three men charged with killing her son. >> i need to question them, can you imagine you kill my son for $13? >> reporter: little emanuel's first birthday party will be held here at his grandmother's home in northwest washington on saturday afternoon. the whole day will be for him. but then the family will have to turn to the sad task of planning his father's funeral. >> i will also let him know that his father was a good man, and he loved him so much. and he was excited to be the best father that he could be. >> reporter: chris gordon, news 4. >>> in frederick, maryland, authorities now say a high school student who went to school with a loaded handgun may have been taking part in a gang initiation. there were thoughts among some of the parents that the boy was being bullied. he allegedly told school leaders he was worried about his safety. but the state's attorney told news 4 there may have been some gang affiliation. >>> one year
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